The artistic image in letters of Umayyad era


  • Muhammad Saeed Hussein Mari, Manar Nabeel Ahmed Tikrit University



Diagrammatic image, Writers , poets, simile , Metaphor, Allusion


The research is concerned with diagrammatic image which it's prepare from important elements structure the text , it's used by writers and poets in them literary works ; to expression of them susceptibility,  feelings ,and thoughts , that image composed from the artist imagination , and from multiple data , the noticeable creation stand in the front of her , beside the image  mental and mentality , it's linguistic structures interrogator by mixing format in content in the context diagrammatic private or general , it's express the side from literary experience side , so many attempts appeared to understand the neutral of  diagrammatic image and her effects in the texts , some of that attempts become sensory image , it's compose most of ancient image " it's give special  mental visualization . such image the simile , metaphor and allusion  .                    ..




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Mari, M. S. H. ,Ahmed M. N. (2024). The artistic image in letters of Umayyad era. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Research, 3(2).