Representations of the image of women in the drawings of Iraqi artists


  • Sahar AbdulKadhom Ghanim Department Of family Education & Professional Arts, College of Basic Education, University of Mustansiriyah



The dialectic of the artistic relationship that the artist embodied by installing the image of the woman according to its pictorial surface. And presenting it in a way that carries with it a state of artistic formulations visible, in building an integrated image that is between the visible and the unconsidered from the artist’s personality and his creative vision, and his philosophy in drawing women, and their physical embodiment, and renices, symbolic connotations that refer to the accumulation of artistic expand the installation mechanism that the artist follows to form an integrated image of women Iraq through its renewed historical presence, and modern artistic techniques to express authentic values, when depicting women, and resent image in reality, or go to areas deep in the to show them in their image memory, to embody its pictorial surface, and give them features and representations to be a symbol, in front of the recipient who interacts and air existential and interprets the artistic form For women, and to show the symbolic presence, within the event created by the artist across his pictorial surface.




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