The effect of information processing based on sensory modeling in learning to shoot from jumping high in handball


  • Marwa Omar Morsi Hilla University College, Babylon, Iraq



Information processing, sensory modeling, handball


The development of the students' ability to process information through understanding, remembering, and cognition, as well as their reliance on many forms, such as classification of this information, analysis, storage, and retrieval when necessary, according to the student's sensory modeling systems (visual, auditory, sensory), which constitutes a unique way for her to receive knowledge and information. and experience, arranging and organizing this information, recording, encoding, and retaining it, and then recalling it when needed. Because of the significance of this, as well as the fact that the educational curricula used in teaching handball do not include those important information-processing strategies, as well as a lack of attention to sensory modeling (visual, auditory, sensory) that the student enjoys, the researcher resorted to better educational alternatives. By developing an educational curriculum for information processing strategy, sensory modeling systems were used to learn and retain some basic handball skills. The study sought to develop a learning curriculum that includes information processing based on sensory modeling (audio-visual-sensory) in order to teach the skill of shooting from a high jump in handball.  In order to identify the difference between those with sensory modeling (visual - auditory - sensory) in the amount of information processing and in learning some shooting skill from jumping high with the handball, as well as the effect of the prepared curriculum. The researcher used a dual-design experimental method. This study was conducted on 86 female second-grade students at the College of Physical Education for Girls / University of Baghdad for the academic year 2021-2022. A sensory modeling test (visual, auditory, sensory), and a handball shooting skill test were also conducted. The researcher concluded the following:

  • The suitability of the information processing strategy curriculum for modeling women and their mental characteristics has resulted in positive results in increasing information processing ability and learning the fundamental skill of shooting from high jumping in handball.

The ability of female students with sensory models to process information is superior to that of female learners with visual and auditory models.




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