Adaptive performance in terms of sports enthusiasm among Middle Euphrates physical training and police sports players


  • Karar Abdel Kazim Haif College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, University of Babylon Iraq
  • Shaima Ali Khamis College of Nursing, University of Babylon, Iraq



The current study is significant because it determines the amount of adaptation efficiency of physical training and police players as a function of their sports love. The research issue was the occurrence of some examples of failure and reduction in athletic performance. Training, practice, or even personal supervision may have directed and modified this failure. However, the outcomes of these directives and revisions fell short of expectations. Similarly, there was no scientific study effort to address these behaviours to cure them or even develop professional conduct and sports performance for them adequately. The study sought to develop and standardize two measures of adaptive competence and sports enthusiasm in physical training and police game participants. In addition, defining the nature of the link between adaptive competence and sports passion, as well as forecasting adaptive competence in terms of sports passion for physical training and police sports players, is being investigated. In terms of study methodology and field methods, the researcher employed a descriptive approach in a survey format, as well as mutual and predictive linkages.  For the year (2022-2023), the study community comprised (268) players from the physical training and police games departments in the police commands of the Middle Euphrates governorates (Babylon - Karbala - Najaf - Al-Qadisiyah - Al-Muthanna). Among them, (120) were chosen at random for the sample for creating the standards, and (120) were also chosen for the main experiment. The most noteworthy results are that physical training and police officers in the Middle Euphrates have high adaptability and sports love. The emergence of a strong direct correlation with statistical significance between adaptive competence and sports passion and the possibility of predicting the level of adaptive competence based on estimated values of sports passion among Middle Euphrates physical training and police sports players. On the one hand, the most essential advice was to pay attention to the psychological preparation of players during training units and, on the other hand, to physical and skill preparation. Coaches must work to achieve the adaptive efficiency of the players and bring it to a good level through practical or theoretical training units related to sports passion.




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Haif, K. A. K., & Shaima Ali Khamis. (2024). Adaptive performance in terms of sports enthusiasm among Middle Euphrates physical training and police sports players. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Research, 3(1).