Representations of the image of the devil in medieval photography


  • Maha Salim Abbood Student Activities Department, University Presidency, Babylon University, Babylon, Iraq



Representations, Satan, image, photography


The current research consists of four chapters, the first of which is concerned with a statement of the research problem, which was determined by answering the following question: What are the representations of the image of Satan in the art of photography in the Middle Ages? And the importance of the research and the need for it, then the research goal represented in knowing the representations of the image of the devil in the art of painting in the Middle Ages. While the second chapter included two sections: the first topic: the image of Satan in Christian religious thought, and the second topic: the image of Satan in art throughout history, then the indicators that the theoretical framework concluded, and the third chapter included the research procedures represented in the research community, the research sample, the research tool and the methodology The research and then analysis of the research sample amounting to five models of the products of the art of Chinese socialist realism, while the fourth chapter contained the results of the research, including: integrity, but it is weak in front of the strong believers, it quickly collapses and escapes under their blows and is defeated in front of the strength of their faith. The artistic imagination of folk photographers also plays a role in adding some hideous traits and features to Satan, such as huge or long noses, broken teeth, forked tails, swollen bellies, and long pointed ears to stimulate the imagination of simple people to hate these evil creatures, and also the most important conclusions: Satan is often depicted naked and he is He has two wings of leather like the wings of a bat and leather membranes between his fingers like a duck, as well as recommendations and suggestions and an index of research resources and a summary of the research in English.




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